Julie Mata
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School Visits

Interacting with children at schools, libraries or film centers is an exciting perk of being a children’s author. Despite the fun, I know a lot of planning goes into putting on a successful author’s visit. With that in mind, the following information will hopefully serve to answer questions and provide an overview of the programs I offer. Please feel free to contact me with additional questions.


Books We Love to Watch; Movies We Love to Read

Students love to watch movies, especially ones based on their favorite books. Sometimes, they forget that all movies start with a written script. In fact, writing is a critical part of moviemaking. By weaving in examples from books and movies, and including her own video moviemaking tips, Julie leads students on a high-energy, interactive exploration of the writing process. She offers valuable advice on how to brainstorm story ideas and eliminate fear of failure from the creative process. Julie highlights the importance of character, plot, conflict, and resolution in both stories and screenplays. Finally, Julie offers funny anecdotes from her own journey to publication to prove the importance of persistence and never giving up.


The Big Build (writing workshop)

Where do story ideas come from? How do you take an idea and shape it into a written story? Using creative exercises, Julie demonstrates how to build a story from the ground up, beginning with the essential foundation of a strong idea. She shows students how to generate ideas by leading them through a fun, fast-paced brainstorming session. Photos, paintings, personal experiences—they’re all raw material the imagination can use. Julie discusses the important building blocks of narrative writing, and allows time for students to construct their own stories with the blueprints they have created. Lastly, Julie hammers home the importance of revision in crafting a strong story.


For information on school visits, please contact Lisa McClatchy at: hyperionvisits@aol.com